The Etiquette of Moving House

Moving home is challenging and, for an unprepared and stressed-out mind, it can be all too easy to lose sight of one’s scruples. Tunnel vision takes over and the only thing that matters is the BIG MOVE ahead. While it’s certainly important to keep our eyes on the road, we should also check the rear […]

How to prepare for moving day

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Lets talk more about about how to prepare for removals day. As exciting as moving to a new home is, it is also a stressful period for many people. The only thing that can mitigate this enduring chaos is good preparation – especially if it’s preparation for potential mistakes or accidents. The process of preparation […]

Top Packing Tips to Help Moving House Become a Breeze

Packing for a move is never easy, but it can be especially difficult for people with special items, such as glass or all sorts of fragile things. To help you with packing your belongings and to make your move as smooth as possible, we put these tips together. We suggest these tips to cover any […]

Why should you hire a removal company?

Braithwaites Removals are your number one Removals company in Blackpool In this weeks blog we go into details why we feel hiring a removal company really is a no brainer. Keep it movin’! Nothing in life is permanent, but while change can be stressful, it is often a good thing, a step forward. Whatever your […]

The History of Blackpool

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Braithwaites Removals are your number one Blackpool Removal Company, we are very proud of our local area and wanted to tell you more about it. Some things in here will really amaze you. Situated on the northwest coast of England, overlooking the Irish Sea, is the town of Blackpool – the main borough of Lancashire. […]

All You Need to Know About Using Moving and Storage Containers

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In recent years, moving and storage containers have become an alternative to traditional trucks. Many homes that use moving and storage containers allow the user to load and unload them independently, often over a short period to pack at their own pace. Why Choose Moving and Storage Containers? Moving and storage containers are a popular […]

5 Other Services a Removal Company Can Offer to You

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So, we know by now that removal companies offer removal services to help people move from one place to another. However, did you know that they also provide other services? Most of their other services supplement their main service to provide clients and customers with a well-rounded solution to meet their removal needs. That being […]

How To Declutter Your Life With Storage

How To Declutter Your Life With Storage Storage in Blackpool can be an essential component to declutter your life, gain back huge parts of your home, and even make a little extra money by selling off unused items.   If you’re living in a smaller home, had to downsize your home, or you just have […]

What To Consider Before Hiring A Removal Company

What To Consider Before Hiring A Removal Company You don’t often hire a removal company; for some people, it may be once every few years, and it’s unlikely that you remember which Blackpool removals company you used last time, or perhaps you moved from a different area. When you’re hiring a Blackpool removals company, it’s […]

15 Tips When Preparing For Moving House

15 Tips When Preparing For Moving House When moving house, the first and potentially only thought many people have is finding a company for house removals in Blackpool that will look after their things and won’t cost an arm and a leg. House removals in Blackpool is an essential service in moving house, but there […]