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How You Can Pack Fragile Items and Ensure They Stay Safe

Moving is a major decision that takes more than a few days to accomplish. You need to set your decision in stone, determine what to do with your previous place of residence, and pack up your belongings in a way that they stay safe throughout the journey.

At this stage, you’re likely already making plans to pack. You should know it isn’t easy, and you may find yourself overwhelmed with the items you have accumulated over time.

Now, it may be challenging, but it’s not impossible. The same remains true for any fragile item you wish to bring with you during the move. Sit tight, read through this guide, and you can guarantee to accomplish your packing in no time.

What Are the Items You Need to Pack Fragile Items?

You don’t need any complicated tools or techniques to pack your fragile items. All you require is a little guidance and a few products, specifically the following:

1. Fragile Tape

Fragile tape is a must-have item for packing delicate items, so you might as well purchase it. It is a high-quality product that ensures your items don’t get damaged during the trip.

This tape can either function as a wrap for items or sealant. It has a strong adhesive that holds the lid closed while making it easy to rip off. Plus, it’s available in different sizes, so you can pick the right one for your belongings.

2. Sturdy Boxes

Never, ever use flimsy boxes when packing, even when you aren’t dealing with fragile items. Flimsy boxes tend to сrumble, bend, and break, whereas sturdy ones can resist external stress.

Before buying sturdy boxes, make sure you’re satisfied with their quality. If you want to guarantee the box does what it should, check the strength of its bottom, corners, and seals.

3. Bubble Wrap

No one can deny the fact that bubble wrap is the best way to secure your belongings. It’s affordable, lightweight, and provides cushioning for all kinds of items. Movers also recommend using them even for non-fragile items. 

Additionally, bubble wrap comes available in different sizes to suit large and small fragile items.

4. Packing Paper

Once you pick the boxes, you need to decide on the paper. Packing paper is necessary because it helps secure items in place.

Also, this paper has the secondary function of absorbing any moisture that may affect your belongings.

How Do You Pack Fragile Items?

First and foremost, you need to wipe down the fragile item to ensure that it’s clean before the move. After that, wrap it in bubble wrap, ensuring that there are no popped parts that can affect the quality of the wrap.

For your protection, place the wrapped item between two pieces of stiff cardboard, and put bubble wrap on top of it. Close the box and tape it, making sure you do not use heavy tape that may compromise its strength.

If you’re using tape, make sure you opt for fragile tape. Then, label your box if necessary and place it where it was at your last place of residence. It’s also best to keep this box in a place where the movers won’t transfer it until it’s time to pack.


Packing fragile items doesn’t require a high level of skill. In fact, it’s a simple process that you can follow with ease. You only need to consider the size and weight of your items and buy some essential packing products at the store.

However, if you don’t have the time to do any of these, you should greatly consider relying on professional movers for packing and transferring.

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