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Why Booking a Removal Company Should Be Done in Advance

Are you moving house soon? If you haven’t booked a removal company yet, you really should. Otherwise, by the time you get around to it, chances are companies will be fully booked. That will leave you in rather dire straits during moving day, which will make things incredibly complicated. 

Booking as early as possible (on the same day you’ve got the moving date set, for example) will go a long way. Many removal companies in Leyland and the surrounding areas don’t mind bookings even if they’re weeks or months in advance. This gives the company enough time to orient themselves with your things, your needs, and help things go smoothly. Packing, loading and unloading will be far better when there’s ample room to prepare.

People move all the time all over the world. The reasons vary; upgrading, downsizing, personal situations and so much more. If this is your first time, you may be wary and overwhelmed. Careful planning will take away any unnecessary costs and make things far less stressful.

The Ideal Timeframe for Booking A Removal Company In Advance

A month and a half or three (six to 12 weeks) is a great timeline for advanced booking when it comes to removal companies. 

All of that said, it’s crucial to be well-prepared and organised before the actual moving day or the within the week it falls in. When a removal company is booked, that does not mean they will appear during moving day and assist. They will arrive to do just what they were hired for: taking your things, transporting them safely to your new place and unloading them.

When you book your removals in Lancashire ahead of time, the movers will know what has to be done as soon as they get there. The process then becomes hassle-free and saves everyone a lot of time all around.

Booking A Removal Company In Advance Has Several Benefits

Aside from the possibility of the removal company being fully booked, advanced booking also leaves room for adjustments if there are issues. Vehicles could end up being out of commission (even if it’s only temporary for repair issues) which will make a huge difference in how everything goes.

There’s also the matter of cost. Removal companies usually have a premium attached to last-minute bookings, often by the hour.

  • Ask yourself these questions and take the answers into consideration as you plan:
  • How many rooms have to be packed up?
  • Is it a local move or a long-distance one?
  • Is there anything particularly fragile that needs extra care?
  • What kind of vehicle do you need?
  • When are you moving?

If the removal company you’re looking into has online booking, make sure to give them as much information as possible beforehand.


Moving from one house to another already entails quite a lot. A good rule of thumb is to book the removals company six to 12 weeks in advance. That way, preparation will be easier all-around and instances such as last-minute booking with higher premiums will be easy to prevent.

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