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15 Tips When Preparing For Moving House

When moving house, the first and potentially only thought many people have is finding a company for house removals in Blackpool that will look after their things and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

House removal in Blackpool is an essential service in moving house, but there are other things to consider when you need to prepare for moving, which we’ve detailed below so that you don’t get caught out with unexpected costs or missing services.

1. Document The Move

Get a physical notebook or keep a digital spreadsheet, but make sure that you document and plan your house removal in Blackpool so that every item gets thought of and completed during the move.

Do it right now and start creating tasks and storing information that you find useful from this article as it’s the perfect time to give you a reminder of everything that goes into the house removal process so that it’s faster, easier, and there are no surprises once you’ve moved.

Without a plan, you’re almost certainly going to forget something you need to do, and while it might be minor, it could end up costing you money that you shouldn’t be paying.

2. Build A House Removal Budget

Building a budget for your house removals in Blackpool allows you to start setting aside the money required and looking for ways to reduce costs for the entire house removal process. It also means that you have an idea of how much you’re willing to pay for everything that’s required so that you don’t overspend.

House Removal Costs could include:

  • Companies that provide house removals in Blackpool.
  • Moving boxes and containers, bubble wrap and tape, and other moving supplies.
  • Move out cleaning costs, either professional cleaners or cleaning supplies like carpet shampoo.
  • Overlapping bills as you may be paying for power, Internet, and other services at both the old and new home during the house removal month.
  • Storage in Blackpool if you’re moving to downsize your home and need storage space.
  • Determine if there are any other special costs for your move

Don’t forget that if you’re renting, you may not get your security deposit back from your old house before your new landlord wants their first month’s rent and security deposit, which is a cost you’ll have to eat for at least one month.

3. Update Your Address

Get your address updated everywhere to avoid missing out on essential bills or other information. You’ll need to create your own list, but as you get bills or items in the mail at your current address, it should help to determine where you need to update your new address.

Consider updating places like:

  • Any banks will need your new address to send statements and any credit card purchases.
  • Update any online shopping such as Amazon so that you don’t accidentally send items to your old address.
  • Update any food delivery apps, as it would be terrible if you ordered food and it went to your old address.
  • Update any government agencies such as the HMRC so that you don’t miss out on critical notices.

If you start tracking your mail for the month before your move, then you should be able to get a list of common places that need your new address.

4. Get Packing Supplies

Buy packing supplies as soon as soon as you know you’re moving. Packing early allows you to start packing slowly with items you don’t use daily, and if you have pets, it’s a better scenario for them, so they’re not as traumatized on moving day.

If you’re packing early, it’ll also give you time to do a declutter and throw out any items that you don’t need to keep and may help reduce costs and time for the company doing your house removals in Blackpool.

Start with at least one large box per room and clearly label all sides so that it’s easy to know where the box goes in your new house.

If you’re moving to a smaller location, then you may consider getting storage in Blackpool for any of your larger items that won’t fit in the new house.

5. Hire A House Removals Company

A critical component not mentioned yet is finding a company to do house removals in Blackpool that will look after all of your possessions and provide fast, reliable, and reasonably priced house removals.

Some ideas to check for companies doing house removals in Blackpool are:

  • Ask friends and family that have moved recently how their movers were
  • Check reviews online for house removals Blackpool
  • Check that house removal companies are insured so that anything broken is covered.
  • Get estimates or costs before the move and a full receipt at the end of the move, especially if the house removal costs are much higher than anticipated.

You may consider moving yourself, but that still has costs in renting a moving truck and finding people to help you do the move.

In general, a house removal should be done by a house removals company so that you don’t damage the old or new house, your items stay safe, and you don’t need to move heavy boxes and furniture.

You can certainly save some cost by moving smaller personal items yourself, but the heavy items and big boxes will do better with professionals, and you don’t need to worry about hurting your back.

6. Clean The Houses

You will need to clean your old house to get your security deposit back; this is often best done after the company doing house removals in Blackpool gets everything out of the house to get a clear picture of what needs to be cleaned.

If that’s not possible, then attempt to do a deep cleaning of the house before the move and then perform a quick cleaning on the day of the move once everything has been cleared out of each room.

You’ll also want to check the new house before getting everything moved in and unpacked, ensuring it’s as clean as possible. As once you put furniture down, it’s going to be challenging to clean under.

To get your security deposit back for a rental, you will need to return the house in the same condition it was given to you in, with the exception of normal wear and tear that is expected on a house.

7. Plan Moving Times

Ideally, you will be able to load all of your belongings into a house removals truck in Blackpool and have them transported to your new home on the same day with no restrictions on timings.

However, it’s entirely possible that somebody is moving out the day you’re moving in. So you’ll need to coordinate timings so that your house removals company in Blackpool isn’t waiting around, which can often increase your costs, especially on hourly moving jobs.

Alternatively, you could consider storage in Blackpool for your belongings overnight to move out of your old house, prepare and clean your new house, and then move in on another day, which can save you time and stress down the road.

You may want to check on costs between getting your own storage vs. having the moving company hold your items.

8. Prepare Your New House

You may want to try and get early access to the house so that you can clean and repair anything that needs doing. While it’s the landlords’ job, you at least want to get an idea of what needs to be done or if you can just get it done yourself so that you can move in on time.

Consider doing things like:

  • Check and repair any household appliances
  • Check walls for damage that can be repaired and consider painting if you have time
  • Do a deep cleaning of the house so that it’s immaculate when you move in
  • Label rooms so when the company doing your house removals in Blackpool come, they know where everything is going

If you have the opportunity to get access to the house before moving day, it will be well worth it in the long run. Unless you’re buying the house, most landlords will give you access to the home, especially if you say you’ll do the cleaning, saving them time.

Just don’t take on the cleaning of a house you haven’t seen yet or haven’t seen for some time. You may want to discuss any major cleaning issues with the landlord even if you do get early access.

9. Plan Your New Rooms

Before your house removals in Blackpool starts, you should have a plan of what rooms in your new house will be doing. Knowing what you want from each of the new rooms allows you to determine what furniture you no longer need from your old house and what furniture you may need to buy.

If you’re moving items to your new house that you won’t ultimately end up using, then that costs you time and money for the first house removals Blackpool and then the garbage pickup for the item later on.

If you’re able to get the layout and room dimensions, then you can get an idea of whether any of your current furniture is too big or small for the rooms and needs replacing as well.

10. Label Moving Boxes And New Rooms

Label all of your boxes on all sides with what room they will be going to in the new house, and then be prepared to label the doors or entryways of the rooms in your house. By labelling everything, the house removals company in Blackpool has a much easier time putting boxes and furniture into the right room.

You may be able to direct them on the day, but it’s likely that items are going to be put in the wrong place, and you’ll need to move things around. Small boxes aren’t a problem, but if you need to move big bulky furniture, then you may have issues or may cause damage.

11. Plan Your Shopping Around Your House Removal

Moving food between houses is not ideal; you’re either going to break items or have frozen items thawed. Consider whether you should limit your grocery shopping leading up to the house removals company in Blackpool moving everything.

It’s also a good time to clean out your cupboards and get rid of food items that you’re never going to use again. Get a little creative with your dinners to use everything up rather than throwing it all out.

12. Plan What You Pack Early

You should be able to determine what items you can pack away that won’t be needed before the company doing your house removals in Blackpool, house removals Preston gets everything situated in the new house. Once everything is packed away, then don’t open the boxes until they get moved; otherwise, you’re going to undo your work or have issues finding things.

Determine an order that things will be packed on and which days they won’t be needed after. You may even want to pack a suitcase with your essential items and the last few days’ worths of clothes, and then you can zip your suitcase and move that to the new house.

13. Set Up Utilities Early

Once you move into your new home, there will be some essentials that you need straight away; things like power and the Internet will be crucial to be comfortable. It’s going to be unpleasant if you don’t have Internet access for a few days or more, especially if you have kids.

Book Internet installation for your new home as early as possible and try to get a time window as close to the time you first get the keys for your new house.

14. Order Deliveries For Move-In Day

Try not to spread your move in across multiple days; while your house removals from Blackpool are underway, you should hopefully be receiving deliveries of new furniture, appliances, or any other items that you want for Day 1 in your new home.

If you’ve got everything arriving on the same day, it means a faster time to get everything set up and in place. It also means you can see how things look straight away or get replacements as needed.

15. Get Pet Or Child Sitters For Move-In Day

Move-in day will be busy and stressful even if you have a company doing your house removals in Blackpool. Consider getting friends, family, or professional sitters for your pets or kids.

Your pets don’t want to be involved in the house removal process as it can be very stressful for them, and you want to get everything set up, so they’re comfortable when they arrive at the new home.

Having to deal with a house removal plus watching kids in a new location can cause some issues, so younger kids often do better coming after the move has been completed.